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Bin Weevils is an exciting and ever-changing online virtual world for kids where you can create your very own pet Bin Weevil and walk around and explore the 3D world, chat and play games online with friends, do activities, solve secret missions and decorate your own home and garden!

The more fun online games you play or puzzle games you complete, the more virtual money (called Mulch) you'll earn. Use your Mulch to go shopping to buy items, furniture, gadgets and gizmos for your home (your Bin Nest).


Play regularly to keep your Bin Weevil fit, happy and fed. There’s even a café where you can enjoy a chocolate sludge cake with your friends. You can even take on the role as a waiter and serve your friends!

Red weevil

Grow your very own garden. Buy seeds from the garden shop and watch them grow into beautiful marshmallow plants or special bling mushrooms! Then invite your friends round to show off your good work!

Bin Weevils plaza

There’s even a movie multiplex where you can watch TV shows!

So what are you waiting for? Have fun and play games online now and join the millions of kids who have already created their FREE Bin Weevil.

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