How to Play

What can I do on Bin Weevils?

It’s a big Binscape out there and how you play is completely up to you! Most players strike a balance between decorating their nest and garden, playing games, socialising with other players or trying to find the fastest way to earn Mulch and level up! That’s not to say you have to do all those things– you can have fun on Bin Weevils any way you like.

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I have a secret code. Where do I enter it?

There are two ways to enter secret codes!

The first (and easiest) way is to scroll down once you’ve logged in and click on the Secret Code button directly beneath the chat box.

If you want to take a more scenic route, click on Lab’s Lab from the Binscape Map and visit the Mystery Code Machine. You’ll then be able to enter your Secret Code and unlock your reward!

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What are Mulch and Dosh?

Mulch and Dosh are two types of virtual currency (money) we use on Bin Weevils to buy food, items and other fun stuff. Mulch can be earned in lots of different ways in-game, while Dosh is a special paid currency. Bin Tycoons earn Dosh every month and Dosh is also available in different amounts to everyone on this page of our website (

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How can I reach a higher level?

To level up, you’ll need to earn enough XP points. Hover the mouse over your level icon in the top-left corner of the game screen to see how much XP you need to reach the next level. Maybe you’re closer than you think!

Here are some of the best ways to earn XP:

  • Buying nest items in the Shopping Mall.
  • Getting your nest rooms rated by other Bin Weevils (the more rooms you have, the more XP you will earn).
  • Taking part in the Daily Brain Strain in Lab's Lab.
  • Playing multiplayer games.
  • Taking part in SWS (Secret Weevil Service) missions.
  • Planting and harvesting your garden.
  • Stamping your BinCard every day.
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How can I perform special moves?

Special moves are unlocked as you level up.

Sometimes the special move you receive will be an upgrade to an existing move to make it cooler. You can tell when moves have just been upgraded because they will be coloured differently. To perform a more impressive move, click and hold the move until it has finished cycling through the colours, then release and click on the floor to perform the move.

You can also perform some moves using the numbers on your keyboard!

Look out for special events that will make a special move available to players for a limited time only!

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My Bin Weevil seems hungry. How can I feed it?

You can buy food from Tum's Diner (found next to Rum's Airport) or Figg's Cafe (found beside Rigg's Movie Multiplex). You might also find special food at parties, or you can buy an ice cream on Mulch Island!

Make sure your Bin Weevil is always full so you can do special moves whenever you need to.

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How can I add a buddy?

Bin Weevils is a social place and making buddies is one way to have fun! To add a new buddy, click on their Bin Weevil to display their player card and then click the Buddy Request icon – it looks like a yellow smiley face! If they want to be buddies, they’ll accept your request and appear on your Buddy List!

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How can I add a buddy?

Absolutely! You can access your Ignore List from your Buddy List and remove anyone you would like to continue chatting with.

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How can I send my buddies messages?

You can only send a buddy message to Bin Weevils that are on your Buddy List.

Use your Bin Buddy Messenger to read, send and check buddy messages – it can be accessed by clicking the orange tablet icon in the bottom-left corner of the game screen.

If you open your Bin Buddy Messenger tablet, you can click on Buddy Messages and check all the messages you have received.

Click a message to read it in full and send a reply or delete that message. You can also create a brand new message by hitting the green + sign and selecting the buddy you wish to send a message to.

Look out for the red circular number on your Bin Buddy Messenger – that number will let you know if there’s a news update or buddy message to check!

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A Bin Weevil is breaking the Bin Weevils rules! What should I do?

If someone is behaving in a way that upsets you, you can click directly on their Bin Weevil and place them on ignore by clicking the unhappy blue face. You can also send our moderators a report on that player by clicking on the blue siren and providing a little information about what happened.

Our moderators check player reports every day and will be able to take the necessary action against rule-breakers.

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What is Pet-for-a-Day?

Pet-for-a-Day allows free players to adopt a Bin Pet for one day so they can see how much fun Bin Pets can be! You’ll need to complete the new player challenges before you can adopt your Pet-for-a-Day.

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How do I create a Bin Weevils account to play?

Anyone can create a Bin Weevil absolutely free. Just ask a parent/guardian for permission to play and visit the registration page on our website to choose a unique username and password.

Once you’ve created your account, you’re ready to log in and start exploring the Binscape!

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What are the Bin Weevils Rules?

The Binscape is an incredible place and we want everyone there to have fun! You can make sure everyone has fun by following the below rules:

  • Do not use bad language or engage in discussion that could upset another player.
  • Do not discuss topics such as dating, boyfriends/girlfriends or romantic relationships.
  • Do not discuss personal details such as your real name, age, school, location, address, phone number, email address, or usernames or passwords for any online service.
  • Do not discuss or engage in any form of cheating – this can result in the complete removal of your account.
  • Do not discuss or advertise other websites or online services.

Bin Weevils reserves the right to take appropriate action against any player if they are found to be damaging the Bin Weevils experience for other players. This action can range from permanent suspension of chat to complete removal of an account.

Please send us a message using our contact form or email [email protected] if you would like further information on our rules and safety practices.

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How can I contact the Bin Weevils team?

We offer full email and telephone support for players and their parents. Please email our customer service team at [email protected], or use the contact form available on our website.

Our customer service telephone number is 020 3397 6831 and we operate on a callback system where customers contacting us will be asked to leave details of their enquiry and relevant contact information so we may assist them.

Our telephone service is reserved for moderation and billing enquiries only and we will are unable to respond to any telephone enquiries from children.

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I forgot my password – how can I change it?

If you ever forget your password, please try visiting the password change page on the Bin Weevils website.

Please be aware accounts will need to be activated with a parent or guardian email address to change a password.

When choosing a new password, be sure it is at least 8 characters long. It's best to use a combination of letters and numbers, and never to use any part of your username or real name as a password.

If you can’t change your password on our website, please email [email protected] or send a message using our contact form and a member of our team will do their best to help.

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Will Bin Weevils run on my computer?

Bin Weevils has been designed to run on any desktop or laptop computer running a full Windows or Mac OS X operating system.

If you are unable to access Bin Weevils, please visit the technical support section of our website for some general troubleshooting advice.

If you still find yourself unable to access the game, please send us a message using our contact form or email [email protected] and member of our team will do their best to help.

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Is Bin Weevils safe for children? What information do you collect?

Safety is a priority for us at Bin Weevils and we are proud to be fully certified by kidSAFE.

The Bin Weevils safe chat system is provided by CRISP Thinking, a team of leading chat moderation officials that provide the chat services for many of the world’s most recognised brands.

Our full safety policy can be accessed on the dedicated safety page of our website.

Please also find a detailed summary of our current privacy policy here.

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I tried to activate my account and didn’t receive an email from you!

Some emails are automatically sorted into the junk mail folder of your email inbox. If that doesn’t seem to be the case, send us a message using our contact form or email [email protected] and we’ll get you activated as soon as possible.

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How can I keep up to date with the latest Bin Weevils news?

Be sure to check the What’s New Blog for the latest Bin Weevils news, tips and previews of upcoming events and content!

We also regularly feature new updates in the News section of the Bin Buddy Messenger, the orange tablet device located in the bottom-left corner of the screen. If you see a number in a red circle beside your Bin Buddy Messenger, there just might be a new update for you to check out!

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A player claimed they worked at Bin Weevils – do team members play the game?

All members of our team play Bin Weevils – they can be identified by the special ‘W’ icon in the top-left corner of their player card. Please feel free to say hello to any staff members if you spot them while exploring, but please keep in mind we are often very busy and may not always be able to visit nests or stop to chat.

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Can I become buddies with team members or visit their nests?

At this time team members do not currently add players to their buddy lists. This is because each Bin Weevil can only have 60 buddies and to add some players and not others would be unfair.

Team members do not currently invite players to their nests, but we do run special promotions to visit the nests of celebrity Bin Weevils like Scribbles or Nest Inspector.

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I saw a really big Bin Weevil – how can I become big?

You probably spotted Big Weevil, a giant celebrity Bin Weevil, or one of our lucky Weevils of the Week!

Weevil of the Week is a competition we run on the What’s New Blog every week to allow one (or sometimes more) Bin Weevils to be made gigantic in-game for 7 days. They also get a very exclusive cool trophy!

You’ll find all the information you need to enter the competition on this page. Good luck!

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I created a Bin Weevils fan website or blog – will you link to it?

At this time we cannot link to any external fan websites from However, please continue to send us links to your websites or fan blogs - we all love reading all about your weevily adventures!

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What is Nest Rating and Nest Coolness?

Bin Weevils invited to visit nests can rate each room by clicking on the rating stars. You’ll earn XP for each rating and your Nest Coolness will also get a boost!

You can check your Nest Coolness on the board in your main nest hall. Nest Coolness will change depending on things you do like redecorating rooms and adding new items to an existing room.

Bin Tycoons can submit pictures to the Nest Inspector once their Nest Coolness is high enough. The Nest Inspector may then reward them for a trophy for their efforts or even showcase one of their nest rooms in his weekly magazine, Best Nest!

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How can I invite a Bin Weevil to visit my nest?

To invite another Bin Weevil over for a visit, click on the Bin Weevil you wish to invite to your nest to display their player card. You can also access the player card by clicking on a buddy on your buddy list.

Once their player card is visible, click on the ‘Invite To My Nest’ button (a picture of a house).

Please be aware sending out a nest invitation does not always mean the other Bin Weevil will accept it and visit your nest. If you want some alone time, visitors can be removed from your nest via the guest list and anyone visiting will return to their own nest if you log out.

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How can I buy more nest rooms?

Bin Tycoon members can buy more nest rooms by visiting Rigg’s Property Shop in the Shopping Mall. More rooms will help boost your Nest Coolness and give visitors more places to explore when you invite them over.

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How can I decorate or change the items in my nest rooms?

Your nest items are stored in your My Stuff Box, the golden chest located on the bottom-left corner of the screen when you enter your nest rooms. Simply click on that chest to see the latest items you’ve bought or received. You can also browse all your items by clicking on each My Stuff Box category.

To use an item, click and drag the item out of your inventory and position it in your nest room. Release the mouse button to place the item in that location.

To put an item away, click your My Stuff Box to open it up, then click the item you want to put away and drag it down into the My Stuff Box. To help you find the item again, the My Stuff Box will show you the category that item is stored in. Very handy!

Try combining different types to create truly unique rooms! You can even put some smaller items on top of cabinets, tables and shelves!

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Why can’t I buy certain items?

Some items have a level requirement – this means you’ll need to reach or be above a particular level to purchase those items. You can check your current level in the top-right corner of the game screen.

The level requirement for each item will be clearly displayed in each shop. Additionally, some items (such as wearable hats) will only be available to Bin Tycoon members.

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What is the Nest Power Generator?

Your Nest Power Generator provides fuel to power your nest. When the power is low, your nest will appear darker. The more rooms, nest items and guests you have, the more often you’ll need to top your Fuel Generator up with Mulch.

There’s a rumour among gardeners that a certain garden items will reduce the cost of running your Power Generator!

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How can I adopt a Bin Pet?

Bin Tycoons can adopt their very own Bin Pet at the Bin Pets Shop located inside Bin Pets Paradise.

You’ll be able to pick a name and colour for your new friend, as well as choose the colours for their food bowl and sleeping basket.

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How many Bin Pets can I have?

At this time Bin Tycoons can only adopt one Bin Pet. This is to ensure that all Bin Pets receive the most care and attention possible from their owners.

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How do I feed my Bin Pet?

To feed your pet, buy some pet food from the Bin Pets Shop at Bin Pets Paradise. Click on your Bin Pet’s bowl and add food, your Bin Pet will then eat everything in the bowl! Make sure your Bin Pet is awake and in the same room when you place the food in the bowl!

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How do I exercise my Bin Pet?

The more you play with your Bin Pet, the fitter and healthier it will be and the quicker your Bin Pet's experience level will go up. The more experience your Bin Pet has, the more tricks and actions it will be able to perform! You can explore the available tricks in your Bin Pet’s profile.

If you want to give your Bin Pet a real work out, why not head over to Gym Pet and try some of the exercise games to boost fitness and stamina?

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How can I change my Bin Pet’s colour or make a custom profile picture?

You can change your Bin Pet’s colour and create a custom profile picture for your Bin Pet over at Pet Style at Bin Pets Paradise! Head inside to find the Bin Pet Colour Changer or to start shopping for Bin Pet profile picture accessories!

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Can I adopt any other pets?

Have you met Burple? Burple is a special creature given to all players who have completed their New Player Challenges. Burple likes to hang out in your nest and will give you useful rewards for 7 days and then share a funny story, joke or gameplay hint!

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What is an SWS Agent?

An SWS Agent is a member of the Secret Weevil Service, an organization set up by Gam to protect the Binscape from the members of the WEB, the Weevil Extermination Bureau!

All players can join the SWS and tackle the first mission, Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet, but only Bin Tycoons can tackle every SWS mission to earn exclusive items, Mulch and XP.

You can access the SWS Headquarters at Castle Gam, or via the secret portal located inside every nest hall.

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I have a membership card or PayPoint membership pin. How do I activate it?

All set to become a Bin Tycoon and discover even more Bin Weevils fun? Keep reading!

  1. Visit
  2. Make sure you have your code revealed (scratch off the silver strip) or your PayPoint receipt handy.
  3. Enter your code or PIN, then read/agree to our terms and conditions and click PROCEED.
  4. Enter your Bin Weevils username and password. If you don’t have an account, you’ll be able to create one right there. You may also be asked for an email address so we can send you confirmation you’ve set up your membership.
  5. Congratulations, you’re a Bin Tycoon!

If you have any problems, please send us a message using our contact form or email [email protected] and a member of our team will be assist you as soon as possible.

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My Bin Tycoon membership card or PayPoint PIN is showing as “invalid” or “inactive” – what should I do?

First… double-check you’re entering the code or pin correctly. Our membership codes are 10 digits long and you can see exactly where they appear on cards and receipts on the membership card redemption page.

If you’ve double-checked and the code or pin still isn’t working, please send us a message using our contact form or email [email protected]!

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How can I cancel my Bin Tycoon or Tycoon TV membership?

To cancel your Bin Tycoon or Tycoon TV membership, please log into our Manage Account page with your Bin Weevils username and password.

Cancelled memberships will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.

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