Playing challenging games, solving puzzles and cooperating with friends are all an important part of the Bin Weevils experience. Kids can save up their Mulch and Dosh (virtual currency) to buy items, hats, plants and more. The more games they play, the more Mulch they earn. The Daily Brain Strain develops skills in maths, language and logic, and the Secret Weevil Service missions are always an exciting problem-solving adventure!

Bin Tycoon members can open their own businesses, including photo studios and party rooms, and write their very own magazine! When other players visit their business or rate their magazine, Bin Tycoons earn more Mulch to spend. Players can also plant and care for a garden and adopt a Bin Pet. Spend time training your Bin Pet and it will develop lots of new skills and tricks!

Bin Weevils chat and buddy messages are moderated 24/7 to prevent the exchange of personal information or inappropriate language. We provide a secure environment that gives parents peace of mind, while allowing kids the freedom to express themselves, meet new friends and develop social skills online. Our dedicated team is always working to keep Bin Weevils safe and fun for all ages. Learn more about our rules and safety policy here.

We encourage parents and grandparents to make their own free Bin Weevils account and have a look around - it's fun for all ages! Playing games and chatting together can be great fun, and also provides an important opportunity to talk about online safety as a family. Playing on Bin Weevils is a perfect interactive way to spend time with family members who live far away!

Upgrading your Bin Weevil with a Bin Tycoon (paid) membership offers your child access to many more features, extra missions, competitions, items and games. Bin Tycoons can open their own businesses and earn a salary of Dosh coins each month. The ever-changing Bin Weevils world provides many hours of educational entertainment and great value for money.