Bin Weevils Safety Policy

Bin Weevils takes the safety of all its players very seriously. We pride ourselves on keeping a secure, safe environment that allows kids of all ages to express themselves with a wide variety of allowed words and phrases (whitelist), while also giving peace of mind to both parents and players with a comprehensive blacklist of words that are not permitted.

Bin Weevils uses a sophisticated, state-of-the-art chat filtration and profiling system provided by Crisp Thinking, one of the leaders in the chat moderation industry. The system filters any profanity from the live chat (including common misspellings) and also filters out attempts to exchange any personal information, any inappropriate or suggestive language, and a large variety of references to bullying/violence.

Please note that when a player is online, everything they type in chat will display on their own screen. This does NOT mean that other players in the chat room have seen the message. If the message is inappropriate, it will be displayed on the screen ONLY for the player who wrote it, but the filter will prevent it from displaying to any other players. The reason we display everything to the player who is typing is to discourage kids from trying to "beat the system" when they see that something hasn't gotten through, and to prevent them from simply trying other ways to say the same inappropriate text. Rather, to the player it appears that whatever bad language they typed has been ignored by the rest of the players in the room, which is a greater deterrent to repeating the bad behaviour.

In addition to instant filtration of inappropriate text, the Crisp system also profiles a player's chat history over time, looking for any evidence of untoward behaviour. It then flags up these tickets for a live moderator to investigate the issue further. We work together with Crisp to update the filters constantly, to include new slang and any new variants of inappropriate phrases that are found by our live moderators on the site.

If a player breaks the rules, they are given several warnings (we believe in trying to educate the player before taking further action), which culminate in suspension from using the chat function and then direct contact with the player's parents if the bad behaviour continues. In addition, any player can use the "Report user" function to report someone else's bad behaviour, bullying, etc. to a moderator. Parents and players are also welcome to email our help team, who will promptly investigate any ongoing issues.

We understand that for many children, Bin Weevils is their first experience of social media, and they may not yet be aware of what is appropriate and what isn't. While we do encourage players to develop their social skills and to form friendships with their fellow Bin Weevils, we watch closely and endeavour to respond appropriately if needed. Asking if someone is a boy or a girl is allowed, but any personally identifiable information is not permitted.

Generally, we strive to educate our players and give them the tools and know-how to stay safe online. Their time on Bin Weevils is an important learning experience. When they go out to the wider Web and explore other websites, forums and chat rooms where filtration may not be in place, we hope they will be equipped with better knowledge about online safety, and that as a result of playing on Bin Weevils they will become more aware of protecting themselves wherever they go online.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact us via the Help section.